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Hiding Away in San Francisco Bay

Hiding Away in San Francisco Bay

Do you find lighthouses extremely interesting? Something is mystical about this structure for they stood solely on seashores waiting for some ships to need their aid as they flash their lights and overcast horn in times of storms. Lighthouses are acknowledge as castles of America, for these structures tenders history and contribute a lot of tales coming from the inn-keepers of these dwellings. You may find it truly magical as you heed the folk tales that are being shared by the inn keepers to most of the people.

Lighthouses are widely spread all over the United States and is very eminent along the east and west shorelines as well as in the Great Lakes areas. Can you spot a lighthouse that actually provides overnight stay? Are you aware about the three lighthouses in local area of San Francisco that are accessible for overnight accommodations? These 3 lighthouses are only 45 minutes away from San Jose and San Francisco cities.

The first of three lighthouses is East Brother Light Station which is located in San Pablo Bay. This lighthouse is among the first operating light stations on we cost full with functioning lens and fog signal which you are already familiar with. East Brother Light Station is also a Bed and Breakfast Inn, which operates from Thursday to Sunday where you can inquire for overnight accommodations. During your stay in this inn you are entitle to acquire a gourmet dinner as well as breakfast and tour over the establishment. The money you spend as you stay in the lighthouse will go straight to some non profit society which was organized in order to maintain and support the whole establishment. This accommodation will suit those who want something unusual, because you will be required to park your vehicle and go on a trip by boat which will bring you to this placid island along the bay. Put in mind that this is homespun having fixed equipments. The lighthouse is accessible for day tours to be looked upon during the summertime.

San Francisco City Guide

If you want to have a trip to South San Francisco and planning to stay on an affordable place, try to see Point Montara Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1875 on some of the more hazardous shorelines due to the ponderous fog popular to San Francisco. Point Montara Lighthouse has been renewed and sustained by the Hostelling International American Youth Hostels as well as CA State Parks in part with U.S. Coast Guard and is accessible for those who want to experience the intriguing moments of being in a Lighthouse. As you stay inside the building, you may be able to see great sceneries because fog does not usually cover the place. There are great chances to do hiking and numerous attractions to view in the vicinity of the structure.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse is another favorite place to stay the night into. This lighthouse is the tallest of all existing lighthouses in U.S. Although the real lighthouse was not operating since 2001 due to damage, the bottom part of it is still functioning for overnight accommodations.

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