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San Francisco State University (SFSU)

San Francisco State University

Located on Holloway Avenue, bordering Lake Merced, San Francisco State University is home to over 29,000 students.

This campus is a diverse melting pot of culture, being the number one university, on a global scale, for international students. SFSU offers a wide array of degree programs with bachelor's degrees in over 100 areas, master's degrees in 95 and the esteemed doctorate degree in educational leadership, as well as an additional 27 credential programs and 34 certificate programs.

For students, life on campus can be tough with nothing to do. SFSU has gone above and beyond to offer their students more than 200 clubs, organizations, intercollegiate sports for men and women, intramural leagues, tournaments and activities. As an arts and cultural Mecca, SFSU offers workshops, lectures and exhibits all year round.

Campus living is provided in two residence halls in the heart of the luxurious campus for freshman, offering computer labs, reading rooms, study groups, and cultural and social events to bring the students together.

San Francisco City Guide

For students who prefer apartment style living there are several choices, depending on age range. As of 2007, a new downtown extension campus was opened, allowing for even further growth in the student base.

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